Saturday, 26 November 2011

DVD review: Devil May Cry, The Animated Series

Apart from Gundam Wing, and a few others, I have never really been that into anime. However, this recent purchase has improved my opinion.

It starts of with an apology. I know I said I would do a CD review, but I got distracted. Saw a hard-copy of Imperial Armour Apocalypse (2nd edition) and had to get it, but I did find this gem quite cheaply. The Devil May Cry animated series, based off the popular video game series (I don't have much experience with these, but I did enjoy them). Seeing as it looked interesting, and was a good price, I picked it up, and finished watching the whole series a few hours earlier. Now here are my thoughts on it.

Dante, the daemon-slaying protagonist, tends to stick to his arrogant devil-may-care attitude, which I give the animators and producers credit to. His general devil killing bad-assery kept me watching all the way through. That and the lack of anything else to do, but shush. It all leads up to an thrilling conclusion [SPOILER ALERT]...

 ...with the pitiful weird looking guy becoming an all powerful daemon lord, which Dante is almost defeated by. The daemon's themselves were pretty gruesome, and, as the sticker says, shouldn't be seen by the young. I was half expecting (and hoping) to see a possessed tank, like in Devil May Cry 2, but oh well, can't win them all.

Only one nit-pick. Patty Lowell, the young girl Dante takes in at the start (far left), and throughout the series. She is by far the most annoying, whiny character I have known of, worse than Ashley in Resident Evil (although I was never a fan anyway of the RE series). You just face-palm at some of the things she does in the final few episodes.

Apart from that massive elephant in the corner, Devil May Cry as an animated series has a lot of promise, and I surely recommend buying the DVD, its not that much!

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