Thursday, 10 November 2011

Retro Review: 'infest'-Papa Roach

Hey hey rockers and gamer geeks alike...
Thought this might interest you, particularly Papa Roach fans....a little review I did a while back that you may enjoy.

After a lengthy search in a used CD store, I discovered a rare gem staring back at me on the middle shelf: a numbered limited copy of Papa Roach’s ‘Infest’ album, number 02630. After picking it up for a very reasonable £2.50 (for a rare CD might I add) I proceeded rapidly to a working CD player. Having seen them live only once before, after much encouragement from the girlfriend, I left the gig wanting to hear more of their music. I was keen to hear the tracks on this CD, even though this particular CD has existed for many years. And, having listened to it multiple times, often in a single sitting, I am very impressed. Thus I was inspired to write this retro-review of my experience with this album.

The CD is made up of 13 tracks, including a live performance of the song ‘Dead Cell’ which, having heard it, must have been amazing to witness live at any gig it was performed at. The other tracks hold up well, following a consistent style that the band is known for, and I didn’t find myself skipping over any tracks, which is a good sign, coming from me. The genre has always been a love of mine, and I was glad that Papa Roach’s CD did not deviate from my expectations (like a rising number of artists these days).  In all honesty, my only nit-pick is with the first track, which took some time to build up (in panic, I had believed my CD player to be broken!) before sound slowly began to emerge from my speakers.

Overall, I am very pleased with the CD, and Hope this retro-review encourages you to purchase it. It is a well thought out album, and my only criticism at the time of writing is the previously mentioned silent part when you load the first song. Other than that, it is an ideal buy. I would highly recommend either downloading the album from ITunes or buying a CD of it, ideally the limited numbered edition, which comes with a metal embossed tin and includes paper lyric pages and artwork, if you can find a copy out there (it has the added bonus of it being worth 10 times the price I paid for it!). Whichever version you obtain, I can guarantee that Papa Roach and general rock fans alike will be pleased with this investment.

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