Saturday, 10 December 2011

Charity highlight: Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Hey guys, thought I'd tell you a serious story about a charity that is rather close to my heart, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

I understand that some people are seen as 'different', in this context, belonging to what is dubbed a 'sub-culture'. I myself maybe considered 'emo' to some, due to my love of My Chemical Romance and my black/red hair. I have no shame in hiding this, and openly express this image. Unfortunately, there are some in this world who see this uniqueness as an excuse to bully, abuse, and even attack people. I could devolve into a rage about these kinds of sick, twisted people, but I want to present a calmer view on this.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation begun after the tragic death of Sophie Lancaster, on August 24th 2007, following a horrific attack on her and her partner by a group of 'youths'. They were attacked simply because they were branded 'goths'. To any right thinking and respectful human being, social intolerance is a ridiculous reason to attack somebody.

The foundation's aims are to help people who belong to sub-cultures, and also to educate others. Founded by Sophie's mother, Olivia,  they offer group sessions, with the aims of educating people on different sub-cultures, and spreading ideas of respecting people, whether they wear black, have piercings, green hair or otherwise. Support and advice for victims of attacks or abuse also exists. Promotion is achieved through their WEBSITE, benefit gigs and charity events. Currently, a campaign is being put forward, to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from “alternative subcultures” or “Lifestyle and Dress”. I greatly hope they achieve this.

I urge you to at least look through their website, feel free to donate. Hopefully the story behind the charity will make you think twice about bullying the 'emo kid'.

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  1. Just wanted to say that it is an issue in my country too,so I was quite touched.
    Never understood those 'attackers',don't they have anything else to do?