Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Quiet one today.....but I have a surprise

Sorry for today's post being short, in advance. I have been busy work university work, trying to contact people who don't reply back, and preparing my lovely girlfriends 18th birthday/Christmas presents. As you can imagine, it has been a busy time.

 However, I will leave you with a teaser of my next post, which should hopefully be up this weekend. See if you can guess what it is...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

DVD review: Devil May Cry, The Animated Series

Apart from Gundam Wing, and a few others, I have never really been that into anime. However, this recent purchase has improved my opinion.

It starts of with an apology. I know I said I would do a CD review, but I got distracted. Saw a hard-copy of Imperial Armour Apocalypse (2nd edition) and had to get it, but I did find this gem quite cheaply. The Devil May Cry animated series, based off the popular video game series (I don't have much experience with these, but I did enjoy them). Seeing as it looked interesting, and was a good price, I picked it up, and finished watching the whole series a few hours earlier. Now here are my thoughts on it.

Dante, the daemon-slaying protagonist, tends to stick to his arrogant devil-may-care attitude, which I give the animators and producers credit to. His general devil killing bad-assery kept me watching all the way through. That and the lack of anything else to do, but shush. It all leads up to an thrilling conclusion [SPOILER ALERT]...

 ...with the pitiful weird looking guy becoming an all powerful daemon lord, which Dante is almost defeated by. The daemon's themselves were pretty gruesome, and, as the sticker says, shouldn't be seen by the young. I was half expecting (and hoping) to see a possessed tank, like in Devil May Cry 2, but oh well, can't win them all.

Only one nit-pick. Patty Lowell, the young girl Dante takes in at the start (far left), and throughout the series. She is by far the most annoying, whiny character I have known of, worse than Ashley in Resident Evil (although I was never a fan anyway of the RE series). You just face-palm at some of the things she does in the final few episodes.

Apart from that massive elephant in the corner, Devil May Cry as an animated series has a lot of promise, and I surely recommend buying the DVD, its not that much!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Work In Progress....A7X Dreadnaught

You know you like too much 40k/Avenged Sevenfold when...

This came about after introducing someone to the game. We both liked metal music, so I thought I'd cross the two for them. Decided to go with Avenged Sevenfold for this one. I had this thing lying around in a spares box, so though, 'Why not?'

It is work-in-Progress, but thought i'd share. have gone with the death-bat/skeleton theme, as I thought it suited perfectly. That's it for today folks, stay tuned, and I'll be back in the future, possibly with a CD review.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Product Review/showcase: Forgeworld Contemptor Dreadnought

Now, before we proceed, I would like to say (please read this as casual and not a rage please *smiles*), yes, I am a gamer-geek. I do like table top gaming and model making, and I see nothing wrong with it. It’s a hobby, and people I’ve known are cool with it, and that is that. It's not like it is the only thing I do. There, now we can proceed merrily.

This project started with miscommunication. I had originally asked a friend to order a Thousand Sons Dreadnought with Dreadfire arms. Whilst the arms were correct, he had mistakenly ordered me a Contemptor Dreadnought. However, I held nothing against him, as I liked the design, although it would require a lot more work. Thankfully, the arms fit perfectly, despite the body being a completely different design.
This being a Forgeworld piece, a specialist’s kit, I wanted to do this justice. Thankfully, the cast I had was well done, apart from some massive mould lines going over the top of the legs, but these were easy to remove, and hardly noticeable. After carving off the eagle icons
 (I wanted a flat base for designs) I assembled it in the striding pose you see here. I added scripture along the sides of the head, and added a loin cloth from a Daemon Price kit. The whole thing was topped with a horned skull and some gemstones.

On to painting. To match with my Thousand Sons, after spraying it black I painted it Regal Blue, then, Ultramarine Blue, with highlighting. The yellow sunbeam patterns was desert yellow, with many thin layers of Sunburst Yellow and much cursing trying to do straight lines. The cloth was built up from grey to white. the metals were drybrushed boltgun, with brown washes and chainmail chips. Now, since this is a centrepiece, I wanted to use pigment powders, to represent sand grime and dust. Overall, I think I did a good job, although the clear varnish spray blasted a lot of the powders off. Overall, I am proud of this dreadnought, and will be soon working on its brother (pictured below). Rate and comment (keep it clean).

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Madina Lake Live @ Manchester- My thoughts

What can I say...amazing comes to mind.

Oddly under-crowded, I had thought that the show would be a flop. Thankfully it was not, and will be remembered as another great night of my university life.

Firstly, it would be good to start with the supporting bands, Super Happy Fun Club (the name which amuses me) and My Passion (which I was told would be dire). Fun Club, despite the almost Kids-TV-show name, played amazing music. They were above par in terms of supporting talent, and was glad I could have herd them. My Passion however, well I was less than impressed. Whilst their music was quite good, I must concede that the seemed a bit too 'up themselves' to put it lightly. Some humility would have been nice, and would have raised my opinion of them.

Now, onto Madina Lake. I felt a bit out of touch with the fans, as I had only herd of their older (comparatively) stuff and nothing from their latest album, World War III. However, I did attempt to join in with lyrics! The night was surely one to remember, the loud awesome music, Large balloons filled with confetti being thrown into the crowds, and the strange behaviour of yours truly...despite a fear of being crushed, I was second row from the front stage!! Even got to shake hands with the band as they make their way across the front lines. All in all, It was a great night, with great music, and one I would love to repeat...

Tune in next Thursday for my next blog (warning, it will be a nerdy blogpost next week, so a word of warning to those who expect music)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Retro Review: 'infest'-Papa Roach

Hey hey rockers and gamer geeks alike...
Thought this might interest you, particularly Papa Roach fans....a little review I did a while back that you may enjoy.

After a lengthy search in a used CD store, I discovered a rare gem staring back at me on the middle shelf: a numbered limited copy of Papa Roach’s ‘Infest’ album, number 02630. After picking it up for a very reasonable £2.50 (for a rare CD might I add) I proceeded rapidly to a working CD player. Having seen them live only once before, after much encouragement from the girlfriend, I left the gig wanting to hear more of their music. I was keen to hear the tracks on this CD, even though this particular CD has existed for many years. And, having listened to it multiple times, often in a single sitting, I am very impressed. Thus I was inspired to write this retro-review of my experience with this album.

The CD is made up of 13 tracks, including a live performance of the song ‘Dead Cell’ which, having heard it, must have been amazing to witness live at any gig it was performed at. The other tracks hold up well, following a consistent style that the band is known for, and I didn’t find myself skipping over any tracks, which is a good sign, coming from me. The genre has always been a love of mine, and I was glad that Papa Roach’s CD did not deviate from my expectations (like a rising number of artists these days).  In all honesty, my only nit-pick is with the first track, which took some time to build up (in panic, I had believed my CD player to be broken!) before sound slowly began to emerge from my speakers.

Overall, I am very pleased with the CD, and Hope this retro-review encourages you to purchase it. It is a well thought out album, and my only criticism at the time of writing is the previously mentioned silent part when you load the first song. Other than that, it is an ideal buy. I would highly recommend either downloading the album from ITunes or buying a CD of it, ideally the limited numbered edition, which comes with a metal embossed tin and includes paper lyric pages and artwork, if you can find a copy out there (it has the added bonus of it being worth 10 times the price I paid for it!). Whichever version you obtain, I can guarantee that Papa Roach and general rock fans alike will be pleased with this investment.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The inaugural post (of sorts)

Hey there killjoys, rockers, fellow nerds and potential clients.
welcome to the first post of the rock-geek journalist (Me for those not graced with perception). With this blog, I plan to write about many different things, from topical seriousness, geekly showcases, music related posts, and shameless self promotion of my services.

I hope you, as my readers and friends, enjoy my weekly updates, antics and mutterings, good day for now

Killjoys, make some noise (cookie to those who know what I'm on about)