Saturday, 21 January 2012

40k for thought: Conversions and Going to New Limits

A lot of us 40k-ers like to customise their kits. I for one can never make something 'out of the box' and have to find something to change, as the standard outcome never seems to cut it. I'm sure many of you reading agree with me.

Very recently, 2 days ago in fact, I came up with one of my most outlandish ideas ever, and am going through with it, listen me out.

First off, what will it be? For all intents and purposes, it will count as a Land Raider Achilles (pictured right). Me and my girlfriend tested this in a game, and it was a monster (not overpowered though, just lucky) taking out 8 of my marines in a single shot of the main cannon and my regular land raider. You maybe saying that Chaos marines can't take them, but I'm nice and am not too limited by the rules. Anyway, what's not to say my girlfriends Chaos Marines 'commandeered' it from the good-guys?

Anyway, so that's what it will be. But the 'big insane conversion' you ask? Well, it's going to be a stage...

As maybe gleamed from previous postings, my partner's army a is rock themed. And, having played too much Brutal legend and too many YouTube clips, I have been inspired to combine both worlds, and create a massive rolling rock show, complete with band, stage lights, and far too many wires. Essentially, it will look like a sonic tank, which 'counts as' an Achilles. So combine the following images to ge an idea of what itll be like . I only have the very very basic shape done, so there's no point showing pictures of a half beaten up Land Raider 'donor'. bye for now, be back soon.

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