Monday, 30 January 2012

40k Philosophy: The Super-Heavy

Sometimes bigger is better, but why do we think this? Recently, I discovered my local gaming group is to host a store-vs-store 40k apocalypse match (for non-gamers, a very very big game). Whether or not I attend, I have been inspired to purchase a Malcador Infernus. but, having thought about it, I have asked myself "what is the super heavy's purpose?" Thus, I have devised a number of reasons you, as gamers, should invest in the right super heavy for you, with examples given for each way of usage.

The Firebase
The first choice is rather a simple philosophy: Big Guns=good. This frame of mind suggests the Super Heavy's purpose is as a mobile gun platform. In this sense, more guns or big guns are the way to go. My soon to arrive Infernus (above) is a good example of a firebase. Although not terribly well armoured for a large vehicle, its main strength is its Inferno Gun (i.e. a big flame thrower) which has the potential to clear large buildings with each shot. Most things on the baneblade/macharius chassis fit this bill too.

The Bunker

The 'Bunker' Super-Heavy is essentially a huge rolling building, its sole purpose is to protect its occupants, so that they can hold the ground, or transport them where need be in relative safety. The Crassus and Gorgon both suit this, the first is faster, whilst the latter is more protected against shots.

The Fire Magnet

'Fire Magnet' may sound a worrying term, but in a way, it is a sound strategy. With this idea, you choose something intimidating, scary and large, thus worrying opponents and forcing them to take out the 'threat' that is your Super Heavy, whilst your plan was to use it as a distraction from your other, more important units. Anything with good front armour or a big looking gun is an ideal candidate, so pretty much anything baneblade or bigger is suitable. Squiggoths and heirophants work wonders too.

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