Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Overview-My New Year's 40k Challenges

A good number of people decide to make resolutions for the start of the year, whether it be a new start, weight loss or to be even more of a nuisance, and many go unfulfilled. Mine, in relation to this blog, and contravening this tradition of lack-lustre unfulfilled resolutions, will be gaming related. Whilst I do intend to play Halo 4 when that appears, and will forever wish for Need For Speed Underground 3 to grace the Xbox's memory unit, I mean in terms of my various gaming creations. Only a couple come to mind for now, but more, as always, will rapidly assault my imagination. Two more have already appeared before the end of this paragraph...

First and foremost, I have this, a second hand Chaos Defiler, a multi limbed, and interesting, build. As you can see in these mid-progress images, its original colours are bright pink and silver (the paint does not quite cover the whole thing, oh dear...) and it is a bit broken. Do not fret, it will end up the usual blue/yellow scheme you will be getting used to here. Not sure how to go about painting the impaled marine...am thinking white with rust. Gonna go all-out with this thing.

Secondly, I would love to get my hands on one of these. Styled on the old rogue trader predator, this new kit oozes character. Although this would be the third predator I've owned, it will be the only one I have currently, as the others are long gone. Halfway through a war gaming equivalent of spring-cleaning, I hope to have replaced all my old stuff with new shinier and better done gaming pieces, with the old stuff either being sold on to other gamers (shameless plug, buy my stuff) or recycled into my girlfriend's rock-inspired war-band, as this guy illustrates.

Fell free, my fans, to suggest other fun-filled projects and in-blog content.

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