Friday, 13 January 2012

Review: Black veiled brides-'Set The World On fire'

A sign of a great CD/band is when you can't bring yourself to swap it out for another, instead playing it end on end, its appeal never fading.

This is the feeling one gets from the Black Veil Bride's newest album, 'Set The World On Fire'. The band's latest album never ceases to amaze, and even before the purchase, had inspired me to create my girlfriend's rock inspired 40k army, and this most recent of albums has spawned a super secret project which, for certain reasons, I cannot reveal until after February 14th (Valentines day for the ill informed). Anyway, back to the band...

The 11 track CD offers epic music with no compromise throughout. A strong favourite is track three, 'fallen angels', which finds itself on repeat on a daily basis. However, the whole album has great appeal, and the urge to skip tracks never arrives. The heavy feel of the guitars and pounding drums appeals greatly, and none of the songs fail to deliver, and none of them feel too soft to be in the album.

Although my first purchase of the Kiss-inspired band's work, I feel that all other works, past and future, will be able to hold a touch up to this spectacular piece of musical creation.

For those interested in the super secret project, here are a few very broad (or potentially obvious) clues...

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