Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review: Madina Lake 'Attics to Eden'

"I've been wrong so many times,
Let's be realistic, I'm only a statistic to you.
And it hurts so deep inside,
Maybe I'm sadistic, I love when you inflict it on me"

That is the sign of a good CD, blog fans. As with my previous review, 'Set The World On Fire' by Black Veil Brides, I find myself drawn strongly to a particular song, and still enjoy the whole album. This week, it is Madina Lake's 'Attics to Eden', the band's second studio album.

The 12 track album greatly differs from the style of the Black Veil Brides album, but this is not a way of saying it is bad. It much more up beat and less angry (I like angry, don't get me wrong) which is fitting of the band's style. 'Statistics'' is the pick of the bunch though, the track stand a head higher than all the others, and is the one I proclaim to be the star of the album, even if 'Never Take Us Alive' is more well known on YouTube. I will admit that this time, there are some songs which are not as appealing, but I would not say they come under the 'skippable' category of tracks. 

Anyhow, 'Attics to Eden' is certainly a worthwhile buy, and at 2 for £10 at HMV, get it with something else too. Next post will see a return to the geek side once more, for an as of yet undecided post.

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