Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kit Review: Malcador Infernus (and my infernal luck)

A resin super-heavy was always going to be a painstaking and challenging task, but this was possbly more than I was expecting. One thing I will say, when it is done it will look great, but the road to get to there is proving annoying. Although I forgot pre-primer images, here is the tank thus far. Only one side has been done, and even then its only the base-coat, after a test to see if the primer was ok.
The first hurdle that arrose was the Infernus' wheels. Hopefully forgeworld will get right on this. Secondly, the hull was slightly misshapen on one side. Although slightly, it is a rather thick piece of resin, and so was really had to fix. In the end, I shaved it as flat as I could, and covered the gap with some chains. My third, and maybe quite minor point, is there are quite a few air bubbles. most are on flat panels, and therefore were easy fixes. 

you may wonder if that was it? I managed to drop it! Thankfully the only casualty was the Autocannon barrel, which sheered in half. Unfortunately however, when drilling it in order to pin the joint, the gods of fate decided to throw a proverbial spanner, by causing my drill bit to snap....inside the Autocannon. Plan B came into effect, and I decided to just use one of the kits multiple options, the Lascannon.

Flammable tanks shouldn't really grind across the ground....
Hopefully, when ForgeWorld sends me my darn wheels, the kit can be completed and prepped for the gaming table.


  1. Wow that is one massive kit. nice work so far.
    Peace Cortez 11th Legion

  2. Cheers :) Yeah it is quite big, it's about 2/3" longer than anything on a Baneblade chassis!

    (Rock/Geek Journo)