Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: Motörhead 'You'll Get Yours'

Motörhead …essential metal.  Fact.

One of those bands that any self-respecting metal-head cannot ignore, and certainly shouldn’t. I admit this is a slight change from my usual line-up of review material, but it is still a worthwhile buy, and I won’t be reviewing any Bieber anytime soon, don’t you worry. I’ll sooner pull out a before going that low…anyhow, the review.

‘You’ll Get Yours’ is a ‘best of’ album. Not my usual fair, but still. 19 tracks of what has been considered the best of Motörhead, including a live version of the self-titled track ‘Motörhead’. Clearly, it does well for value for money, with normal CD’s having around 11 tracks. My only disappointment was the lack of ‘Back At The Funnyfarm’ one of my personal favourites. But it would be unfair do down mark it for this.

To reiterate, ‘You’ll get yours’ is a must-have buy or gift for metal lovers all over. Also, for you UK fans’ it’s in the two for £10 section, so it’s worth getting a second CD, possibly one I’ve previously reviewed, such as Ozzy Osbourne.

Because this week’s post was a bit late, I’ll make it up to you, by giving you another full sized post tomorrow.

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