Friday, 10 February 2012

Showcase: Chaos Contemptor (Numero Dos), Punchy's right hand man

Those of you who have been following since pre history (i.e. November 2011) will have no doubt witness a Blue/Yellow creation that is the Chaos Contemptor Pattern dreadnought kit, produced by Gw-branch Forgeworld. You may also recollect the mentioning of a second one, with the post ending with an image of a grey, part finished and headless brother.

 Well, now I have finally got around to finishing it up, and here it is, armed with the ever interesting Heavy Conversion Beamer. Yet again, ForgeWorld delivered, and this is get another good cast and product.

As you can see, it has the same colour scheme, albeit with a twist. After comments on another forum, I felt that I should try more freehand work, to take advantage of all the smooth panels (though some will say this it is hard, considering the scale). Well, Here is my attempts to one up the previous Contemptor. Post comments and opinions, and goodbye until next time.

Oh, and a random side note when working on this. Conversion Beamers...I imagine that, given a sound, they'd sound like Dalek lasers...


  1. Fantastic work brother. Contemtors for life. I just loved working with mine also.
    Love the battle damage.
    Peace Cortez (11th Legion) :)

  2. Thanks :) Yeah, they're easily one of the best kits from Forge World in my experience. Yours is rather good too :)