Monday, 5 March 2012

Life: My Chemical Romance and a Heartfelt Piece of Loss And Life

Go back to 2006, and you'll find that 'The Black Parade'  was one of the most influential albums of the year. And to a great number of people, it still is today. This was their third album, and it has changed me greatly. Ignore what the 'tabloid media' had controversially said, it was all nonsense. I was a better person thanks to this band.

The Album also stirs up some very personal losses I've experienced in my life. Listen to the track 'Cancer' and you'll see why. In 2001 I lost my father. To an eight year old boy, this was an incomprehensible tragedy, and one that still haunts my mind. As a relative, you find yourself asking 'what if', every day afterwards. It never stops hurting. You never stop thinking, and blame yourself, even though it was nature's cruel intent. No child should ever have to experience this, but death's cold embrace affects every family.  

But these emotions have a silver lining, they shows you are still human, and it is not shameful. Whilst the tears of the past do burn, they remind me of the good times I had with him, and the brief bond we held. I am always told that my dad was proud of me, and would be now, if he were here. Since that day, I aimed to do such a thing, and make him proud. Although the life beyond this is a complete mystery, if all goes well, I hope to see him in the great here-after, and ask him those ever lasting questions I've asked myself for the last 11 years.

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  1. Such a brilliant album, it's a shame that people don't give it a chance.