Saturday, 31 March 2012

Reflection: Black Veil Brides Live @ Leeds O2

First thing's first. All Spiked wristbands over 1/4" long should be banned from gigs. Having an arm's worth jammed into your back and raked across your arms is 1) Painful, and 2) annoying. Now, on to the gig...

O2 Academy in Leeds is bigger than anything I've experienced. There were easily a few thousand people there, the queues looping all around the building and then some. A lot of people were done up like members of the band. Glad I did the same, I wasn't the odd one out.

The two support bands, D.R.U.G.S and Reckless Love, were two unique performances. D.R.U.G.S took on a slightly tech-metal role, whilst Reckless Love was more Glam Metal. They were effectively Steel Panther-Lite...all the glam metal taste, without the innuendo...and thrusting. Whilst they contrasted, it was a good contrast, and both bands performed well.

Black Veil Brides however....whole new level of epicness. Although they only have the two albums (with a third on the way) they certainly weren't short of good music. It certainly got this journalist to the front row, something I'd never normally be comfortable doing at large gigs. Sure there was a lack of breathing room and general ignorance from some people, but It was worth it to get close to Andy Biersack and the band.

Sadly, last night's show in London was the last of the UK tour for 'Set The World On Fire', but hopefully we will hear more soon, especially when their new album hits the shelves.

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