Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Showcase: Chaos Land Raider-Refurbished Extra Armoured Variant

Once can never have too many big guns...

In a recent game against Tyranids, I realised my force is woefully unprepared for fights against monstrous creatures. Whilst I mopped up the grunts and middle-monsters with some ease, big big gribbly beasties steam-rolled through my lines.

Thus, I have taken myself to upgrade for this threat. Only hours previous to this post, I ordered the Deimos Predator from Forgeworld. hopefully the crisp, slightly dented box, filled with parts and oversized bubble wrap, will arrive soon.

I have also updated my second Land Raider. The 'brother in the back' of the metaphorical family photograph. Although there was nothing wrong with this example, it has been overshadowed by its more recent twin. I wanted to update it for two reasons.

First, it was a rather good opportunity to mimic the MKIIB Land Raider, with some extra armour. When I bought it second hand, it had no weapons or centre structure, so it was the perfect opportunity to build one of my favourite variants of the battle tank from scratch. Whilst working on it at the time, I also added extended track guards at the front. Very little was done to update it, since the basic structure was sound and well done.

It has always had a missing hatch: I never got around to plugging it. When looking for new parts, I found an unused Baneblade mini-turret to use for this, and created an automated combi-plasma. Simple, fitting with the armoured theme, and cool looking. Ticks all the boxes...

Second, the paint scheme was a little...basic, when compared to the twin. all that was needed was to add more yellow, tidy up the parchment, and a general sprucing up of the colours. The only thing left to do is pigments and a matt varnish coat. All in all, I feel that it is suitable for service alongside the other Land Raider, in battle with those nasty big 'uns.


  1. Can we get a twin shot?
    Peace cortez

  2. Of course, but will have to be this wekeend, as both Raiders are in different buildings haha.