Saturday, 24 March 2012

WIP: Chaos Deimos Predator

The postal service here in the UK does occasionally give you what you want, when you want it. This week, I finally got my wheels for my Malcador Infernus, after a months wait. Turns out they got delivered elsewhere (grrr). I plan to have it completed during the Easter break, for you lovely fans to see.

Also, I got my Deimos Predator. Here are a couple of in progress shots, with the final product appearing in the near future.

The kit was rather straight forward. Having built up the regular rhino to a point, the resin parts were introduced  (including new outer panels, roof/turret plate and frontal armour. There wasn't a single major issue with the quality of the cast. Only a few tiny air bubbles, which were easily fixed. I still need to add the lascannons and more chaotic bits. I think the tomb kings banner suits the Thousand Sons theme well.

The tank did rather well in its first game today, although it did get immobilised by a couple of drones. It did manage a good number of battle suit kills, including insta-killing a battle suit commander with  one of its lascannon. Not bad, considering its side guns are yet to be attached.

Compared to a box standard predator, which I have previously owned, it is a much nicer kit. Much better looking, more fun to build, and a worthwhile investment.

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