Wednesday, 4 April 2012

2000 Views! Bonus Content

Time for celebrations! The Rock Geek Journalist has reached 2000 views. As an added bonus, we got the past 1000 views at a faster rate than the first 1000, so I thank you for your repeated custom and sharing.

As promised yesterday, here is a little extra content, and the surprise image  above, shown yesterday, is explained.

This is my new Chaos Lord for the Thousand Sons. It is a rather simple conversion, made from a Grey Knight Castellan Crowe, with Huron Blackheart's backpack, and  then removing all inquisitorial icons. I noticed whilst building it that it is about a head or so taller than a regular marine. A suitable stature for a leader of men (well, super soldiers).

The sword is a rather lovely part of the kit, and takes a lava paint job well. Hopefully, this daemonic sword will do wonders in the upcoming blind doubles tournament.

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  1. Congrat on the 2000 Hits brother.
    Peace Cortez 11th Legion