Tuesday, 24 April 2012

40k for thought: Local Tournaments

Those who are observant will have noticed I mentioned that I was taking part in a 40k blind doubles tournament last weekend. Overall it was a fun event, and more places should do local events. 

For those interested in what I took, here was my 1000 pts list:

  • HQ-Chaos lord, daemon weapon, combi bolter, melta bombs, personal icon
  • ELITES-5 terminators with icon, 2x combi melta, heavy flamer and power fist
  • TROOPS, 10 marines with icon and autocannon, 9 marines with icon, rhino, power fist and flamer, 7 marines with melta and power weapon
  • HEAVY-Predator with lascannons and autocannon

Most of you may know that Chaos Space Marines are not the most competitive of lists. I realised this when me and my team mate (Imperial guard) faced a Black Templar/eldar Brofist combo. Although the pairings were completely random, I couldn't help think....."damn". Oh well, might as well get on with it...

It turns out that me and my team mate did well, coming 4th overall out of 8 teams. At times, luck was not on our side, particularly in the final game, but we had moments and a keen tactical plan. A simple plan: kill scoring units. My predator helped us with the transport popping, whilst the marines and terminators focused on infantry. It worked quite well as a plan, but needed some refining. But to be fair, its hard to pre plan when your opponents and team mates are random. 

...But I do have to say this, my chaos lord does kick plastic ass. I only rolled one '1' for his daemon weapon, and an obscene amount of 3's and 6's. In the three games, he killed (an estimated):
  • 20 Black Templars
  • 4/5 grey knights
  • 6/7 plague marines
  • 3 Terminators.
...to one death.

For any hero, that's an impressive feat. Just goes to show that the game is a lot down to luck, rather than power-playing your uber internet math-hammer lists. 

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