Tuesday, 17 April 2012

40k Philosophy: Waste Not Want Not

It's a fairly safe bet that a lot of gamers will have spare parts. Perhaps just a few arms, or even whole dedicated drawers. Myself? I have a small set of boxes, all arranged in a nice rack. If you go past a Poundland/stretcher/etc, look for this sort of thing. It cost me £2, and has made my life a little neater.

But anyway, whilst you may have a huge spares collection, what do you do with it? Some might just decide to bin it, others may horde it, just because. I find that if you have a good idea, and have some useful parts, it's good to make use of this junk. Ask around too. As the saying goes, one man's trash...

Here is a great example of this idea. After a good raid of the boxes, I managed to piece together a very convincing Rapier laser battery. whilst it was a pain at stages, I feel that it is a great build, and is easy to recognise. It still needs a gun shield, but that'll probably come later.

If you want to build your own, here is a list of the parts I used:

  • Chimera/Russ tracks
  • 2x Imperial Guard Lascannons and 1x Twin Linked Lascannon from a Razorback (4x IG lascannons would do)
  • 2x Drop Pod inner frame bits
  • Drop Pod inner panel (the little square one with pipes)
  • Assorted wheels (Mostly from a 1:35 Abrams, and I think a 1:48 Sherman)
  • Imperial Guardsman with a Death Korps backpack, sentinel driver/commander arms and a flagellant head

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