Monday, 16 April 2012

Album Review: Dragonforce 'The Power Within'

Barely a day old. Perhaps the newest CD review I'v ever reviewed. It seems that this CD speaks out instantly. I suppose the incredible pace Dragonforce maintains, even with new vocalist Marc Hudson, helped drive home an early opinion.

That option would be that it's a great buy. Having being an instant fan with another of their albums, Inhuman Ranpage, it was easy to assume that any followup work will be automatically good. Thankfully, any initial presumptions help were proved to be almost prophetical. 

Dragonforce appears to be doing well with Marc. Sometimes the change of singer is noticable in the tracks, but not enough for fans to turn their eyes at the band's latest efforts. Marc can keep up with the speed of which the band became famous for, and has infused his talent with the manicly fast rifts and solos. 

Although they are famed for their speed metal, its not like they don;t slow things down now and again. The final Track, an accoustic version of Seasons, brings things to a steady end. Even though it contrasts with the usual epic pace, it is a good song none the less. Not everything has to be fast to be good

Clearly, this album does have 'The power within' to bring people from their chairs, and air guitar their way to A+E. £10 at HMV, probably cheaper elsewhere...why not?

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