Saturday, 7 April 2012

Product Review: Games Workshops Texture paints (Well, one of them)

Desperation lead to this posting. With a doubles tournament fast approaching, I needed to get my army fully based. But woe betide, I left my basing stuff (Glue, sand etc.) at my university flat. So, rather than paying £20 for train travel, I delved into Games Workshops new paint range for a solution.

The new range comprises of 145 new paints (about half of them are near identical replacements), all in shiny new pots, and in many more colours. I have been buying the odd new colour, and I can say I'm impressed. I am glad I have a decent Dark Green. The Vallejo dark green I had been using was appalling...super watery and dried with a glaring shine.

Anyhow, back to my need for basing, which lead me to the new texture paints. It appears that the range covers most terrain types, from snow, to dessert, to mud and swamp.
I picked up the one which was nearest to the colour of my current basing. Armageddon Dust was the closest out of the range, and here is the results...

...which are surprisingly convincing. With just a dry-brush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand and a Devlan Mud wash (that miracle of washes) the base below looks almost the same as my usual sand/paint bases.

The paint did take some getting used to, I can't say I've intentionally used a paint full of sand and sediment. But after it dries, with a second layer to cover any spaces, the results speak for themselves. The texture paints are a good alternative to sanding and painting, but I have a feeling that you'd run out quickly. I've only used it on six or so bases and there is a 1/4 inch dent in the compound. Still, it is a good product, and it will be interesting when I try out the snow equivalent...

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