Saturday, 21 April 2012

Showcase: Chaos Deimos Predator

Finally, it is done. After a fair bit of planning, some perfectionism, and a need to have it finished for tomorrow's tournament (my performance will be discussed Tuesday), the Deimos pattern Predator I've been working on is finally complete and fully fit for service.

One thing I noticed, in comparison to my Land Raiders, is that it is harder to find a decent pattern to fit into the side indented panels. Eventually, I did go with the sunbeam motif, but it was a conundrum I took time in solving.

I also had a go at trying Vallejo's soot pigment. Oddly though, this one did not want to stick. It was a lot finer than the rust powder I've used with much success. Sadly, I think I may look elsewhere for a more usable powder.

Hopefully, this Auto/Las combo will perform well in the competition, and I will inform you all on any worthy kills it makes. Wish me luck tomorrow, I may need it.

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