Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Update: Chaos Deimos Predator (Part 3) and a little early peak at 2000th post

Hey all. Having discovered there was going to be a local doubles tournament, I got myself into gear, and have been finishing up models at an unseen pace. Yet, a high degree of quality remains, and I am taking my time on the important things.

One such thing is the Deimos Predator that has appeared a number of times on the Rock-Geek Journalist, and here is it in its current condition.

The Blue is almost completed, with just a few 50/50 Ultramarine Blue/White highlights left, then its onto weathering. I have thought about purchasing some Vallejo Smoke pigments for the exhausts.

As I pointed out previously, the circle on the side of the turret made a very good start to a chaos star. The perfect circle really helped me get the right shape, and it conveniently had eight rivets foe me to line up the eight points of a chaos star. Perhaps the chaos gods intended this...

Also, below is a small preview of what I intend to post at the 2000 views marker (most likely tomorrow). Stay classy.

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