Sunday, 29 April 2012

WIP: Scratch Built Land Raider Proteus

Forge World's latest development in 'heresy era' war-gear has had me strongly hooked. I think two Contemptors and a Deimos Predator so far sum this up. I've also been playing around with replacing my rhinos with deimos'.

But this week, my latest dip into heresy era stuff was not a Forge World purchase, but a scratch built model. As you aware types will have read in the title, it is a Proteus pattern Land Raider.

Whilst I absolutely love the Forgeworld version, I don't have a spare £80 lying about (or another £10 or so extra for postage). I feel that my building skills are good, so I took on the challenge to build my own. This is my current process.

This is one of the first builds where I've actually had to plan it out. I wanted this build to be as perfect to the genuine article as possible. I have a feeling that I've made it slightly too small, but to be fair, it'll still be a good example, will be recognisable, and I'm sure I can make it bigger in places (a large engine possibly?). Apologies for the blurry plans, perhaps the Mechanicus is censoring my 'top secret' blueprints?

Hopefully, I'll be able to update you all on its progress later on next month. With exam day approaching, it may have to wait until the later half of May, but don't worry, more will come...

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