Sunday, 13 May 2012

Battle Report: Chaos/Valhallans vs Death Korps/Grey knights (3000 pts)

First off, I apologise for the lack of content this week. With my final exam in that week, I'm afraid that it did take priority over my work on this blog. But anyway, back to our regular programming...

It's not often that I manage to get a big doubles game in during a day. Usually theres not enough interest, and when there is, I have to leave early and return to the real world. But when I do get a big game in, they are generally fun.

Before I recall the game, I will say this: I hate Dreadknights. It might be down to me not having much to take them down, or some bad luck, but one can't help be annoyed by the 30" super objective-blocker move. I admit it is a fair tactic, but a massive pain. Perhaps more plasma guns are needed....

Anyway, the game. It's hard to remember what happened in each turn, so it'll be segmented into start, middle and final moves, for general convienience and to present some form of chonology.


Me and my valhallan plaing friend siezed the first turn, and devastating it was for them. With good shooting (and 9 artillery pieces, we neutralised most of their serious guns (which were on table), inlcuding stunning the hellhound and demolisher, destroying an earth shaker battery and griffon mortar, and picking off infrantry.

I will note that a contemptor dreadnought with heavy bolter and mark of tzeentch is really good. the AP3 comes in handy, as well as the rerolls in combat. It probably did more than its conversion beaming brother. I may use a butcher cannon next time.
Before an artillery 

...and the aftermath
Our opponent retaliated, and even with some serious holes in their line, they hit fairly hard. Quad carrying psycannons were effective, taking out a number of models with each salvo. A basic troop should never have so many special weapons, but I digress. An assassin blew up my prized land raider with turbo shots. A big annoyance he would prove throughout the game, poping a fair few tanks that game.

Mid game

Things were still looking OK from our side, until the Dreadknights showed up. One on each side, the worst that could happen.

We lost a number of our tanks at this stage, including my Deimos predator and a number of artillery pieces. My lord even failed to down one, rolling a 1 with his daemon weapon. Doesn't help that my mate shouted: "roll a 1!".

The heavy bolter Contemptor was in full stride, wiping out a death Korps unit, and smashing down a Strike Squad from its building hideout. The Other managed to destroy their siege drill, but not in time to stop a unit of engineers coming up through. Thankfully their damage was minimal.

End Game

This is where it went a little pear shaped for our side. With both Dreadknights still alive (but one tied up in combat) there was little we could do. Most of our big guns were destroyed or otherwise occupied. My push into their lines was thwarted by a Crusader full of terminators and a Grand Master. We couldn't prevent a very nasty teleport, denying us an objective, and turning a safe draw into a defeat. A fun game overall, and highlighted a number of changes I may need to make.

Firstly, it is evident we didn't have enough anti monster. Yes, earthshakers and cannons are nice, but with the Dreadknight's 2+ save, it prevented any damage. Perhaps it is time for me to invest in more plasma guns, power fists and lascannons.

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