Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Showcase: Thousand Sons Land Raider Proteus

Nothing feels quite as good, and also as sad, as a completed project.

First off, you have the satisfaction of finishing something you did yourself, something you can be rightly proud of. So why would this be slightly sad? Because you cannot continue enjoying the build: its done and dusted. That said, a simple cure is to start over: make another, finish something off, or start something completely new. That's what I've gone and done, but I'm afraid that that's top secret, for now. What I will say is that its going to be some valued air support. But for now, here is the much awaited Proteus.

 Considering I didn't have a genuine Forgeworld Proteus to work off, and with limited supplies, I feel that I made a great representation of this ancient battle-tank, and saved a fortune in the process.

 I suspect that it's a little too short, but what's a few centimetres when you have this much retro cool. Its a good idea, especially since the FW example is £80, and E bay classics aren't much cheaper.

For those interested how I paint my blues, it was achieved as followed (using GW paints):

  • After a Black undercoat, paint the tank (Old GW) Regal blue. People who don't have this should be fine using Macragge Blue.
  • Layer on top with Altdorf Guard Blue.
  • Wash the recesses with Drakenhof Nightshade. Tidy up with Altdorf Guard Blue where needed.
  • First Highlight  edges/corners with a 50/50 mix of Altdorf Guard Blue and white, then highlight with pure white on extreme edges.

Whilst the tank is fairly battle ready, there are a few details to do. It still needs its lenses painted, and I need to find a suitably menacing dozer blade to attach the front. I'm thinking of using this evil looking mine plough from Forgeworld, but I suspect it's too narrow. I suppose I could widen it a bit.

 For those interested in the overall size, here is the tank next to my Deimos Predator.

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