Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Update: Chaos Land Raider Proteus (Part 3) and a bonus

Hey all. I feel that I'm finally making headway with the Proteus. With the exam out of the way, more of the tedious jobs on it have been further done.

The tracks are almost complete. Finally. Although it has been a massive task, making each link individually. I feel that the final effect is suitable for creating a close replica. A nice plate was found for the front, with a Horus eye-like design. It was this or a rhino window pair, and this felt more suitable, and ties it in with its future chaotic pact with the Thousand Sons.

The side armour is also being plated over, to fill in the huge gaps and make it a decent size. The lascannons will probably be the next task, then its on to the oh so fun task of the riveting.

Also, I had a small little brainwave for a cool renegade character. I managed to make a cool looking rogue psyker for my renegade guard, using my new favourite tool, the hacksaw. It uses a Forge World renegade torso, a metal horror's right arm, a flagellant's left arm, and the bottom half of a Warmachine Cryx figure. Some sort of pistol slinging skeleton/wraith.

Greenstuff was used to bulk out the very thin waist, to match up with the torso. Overall, it makes a very cool, and creepy, addition to my guard, which is undergoing a slow, slow refurbishment.

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