Tuesday, 22 May 2012

WIP: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, and a Bonus Pic

Its easy to overlook something as simple as a can of black spray paint. Having has a few goes at trying to find a decent new car primer to use (since the original brand isn't sold any more) I've decided to return to model sprays.

A small can of Humbrol Matt Acrylic spray has helped me carry on priming in a normal fashion, and with good results. The previous sprays were either too shiny, or didn't provide Ideal coverage.

Anyway, one of the first items to go under the can was a rather old Daemon Prince (by old, I mean the previous sculpt of the model). IT has remained in the 'to do' pile for around a year, and was in need of some TLC, after a mysterious combined encounter with the floor and gravity. I replaced one of the arms for one from the new plastic kit, and reposed it to give a more menacing (and bigger) stance, whilst placing it on a bigger 60mm base.

I also tried using a pink/purple tone for the skin. Having tried red skin and blue skin in the past, neither seemed to work, especially the blue, which was too close to the armour colour. GW's new chalky pinks (Daemonette Hide and Slaanesh Grey) work well, along with a purple wash. Its looking a bit dark at the moment, but I suspect it's all the unpainted primer still left, and the unfinished golds and bone.

Also, I thought I'd show you this image, as seen below. See if you can guess what it means, and ultimately, what it's for....

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