Saturday, 5 May 2012

WIP: Land Raider Proteus (Part 2)

With lord Tzeentch changing my work schedule and content around so much recently, it appears that there is more progress to report on the Proteus. One set of tracks has been completed, the front is mostly complete, and it now has a nice engine, complete with large exhausts (topped with necron Tesla-gun muzzles, interestingly, they make good chaosy exhaust toppers).

Having searched high and low in town, I have found an important component for a proteus: The track links. I had been pondering how to make these iconic parts, which give the proteus a more retro look. I found the answer: semi circle tubing. Although it wasn't cheap for what it is (3 lengths for £3.10) its probably the best (and only) choice in my area. Also, the whole project has cost me about 1/9th of the genuine article, so I am well within budget.

The side armour has also come under way. It had been bothering me, since the last time I tried making my own hatches disnt go so neatly. Thankfully, I saw the answer in some spare Rhino side pieces, spare from the Deimos. With a bit of hack-n-slashing, they seem relatively suitable...not perfect, but pretty good none the less. The white background and card doesn't help, but squint hard enough and...

The next big worry will be the lascannons. I don't have enough, so it looks like they'll be scratch built. The Proteus will be OK for it's pintle mount: a nice multi-melta (since it gives my chaos a nice anti tank boost). I might built a twin-heavy bolter turret, in case it needs to become a box standard variant.

I feel that the tracks are going to be labour intensive and monotonous. I'm only half complete and I'm already feeling my sanity dwindle

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