Sunday, 3 June 2012

40k Philosophy: The Indecisive Modeller

Us modelling types always love to adventure with new kits, old kits, and spare junk. It's in our blood to meddle and tinker, we are never content with the 'out of the box' look, and trive to be unique.

But like me, I imagine a number of you have a pile of unfinished and abandoned projects, gathering dust whilst your manic mind is attracted to new ideas. You may also have three or four items on the go at once. Im my opinion, this isn't a bad thing.

I, as a test subject for my own thoughts, will tell you of but a few of my current exploits:

  • The Land Raider Proteus (final details and its new mine plough)
  • A Chaos Hell Talon
  • A Chaos Storm Eagle
  • Restarting my chaos militia
  • An Ahriman repaint, and accompanying chosen
  • Various Chaos Marines for my girlfriends Noise Marine army
Alongside these, I've also considered sculpting a rendition of Warboss Grimskull (shown below), from the Space Marine computer game. 

Whilst this may look like a lot to be doing at one, I find it healthy. Firstly, it keeps your mind fresh, and its hard to get bored of something when you have half a dozen 'somethings' you can do. Also, we are constantly reminded that things like Brain Training for the Nintendo DS are good for your mind. Multi-projects, I think, work just as well for modellers. Having different projects keeps you thinking, and can be mentally stimulating.

Also, it can help kick-start your brain into coming up with even more ideas. I find that I come up with more extravagant and interesting ideas when I have many things going on at once, the constant stimulation boosts my imagination, and will probably do the same for you. It's how I managed to convince myself to build an entire Proteus, imagine what you could come up with...

(Image of Grimskull from the Space Marine wikia page)

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