Thursday, 21 June 2012

Album Review: Kerrang! Presents Metallica: The Black Album Covered

Usually, CD's which come free with magazines are often compilations of not-so-new tracks, and this generally means it's nothing we haven't herd before. But now and again, you get something that is new, and adds a twist to the normal routine of reprocessed track selections.

This weeks Kerrang Magazine comes with a cover of Metallica's Black Album, with contributions from bands: including Yashin, Lostalone, Motionless In White and Evile. Each band took one song, and has put their own spin on the legendary metal band's 12 track album.

The original sounds still come through but with a clever, darker feel, which brings them in time with 21st century metal music. In general, this album pays a great homage to Metallica, and will appeal to those fans who are interested in hearing new takes on the band's popular songs.

The current favourite of the lot has to be the cover of 'Enter Sandman', one of Metallica's timeless classics. Rise To Remain took on the challenge of covering this iconic track, and have made it even darker and heavier in the process. Listen 53 seconds into the track and you will soon understand.

You can get Kerrang! Presents Metallica: The Black Album Covered with this weeks Kerrang magazine. It'll cost you £2.80, but it's a no-brained bargain for anyone who loves their metal, and Metallica. This week's issue also has the low-down from the Kerrang! Awards. Remember, Kerrang is weekly, so hurry up if you want it.

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  1. yashins cover is my favourite. love it.