Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Showcase: Avenged Sevenfold Dreadnought 2.0 (someone got an upgrade)

Its often that gamers will look back at their early projects, thinking: "I could do so much better now". With optimism, fresh ideas, better skills and new techniques, people will hack up a once proud piece, intending to further increase its awesomeness, and improve on a great idea utilising more experienced hands. I've done this many times before. My Ahriman model has been painted, reposed and repainted, repainted again, stripped and is now undergoing final details of its third paint-job. Also, I thought I'd show you this.

You may remember him from the early days of this blog. This Dreadnought,  part of my girlfriends rock inspired chaos marine army, was almost complete, then began its use in gaming, its completion assumed. Whilst working on the Proteus, I saw it on the windowsill, looking rather tired, and if I'm honest, a little...basic. There and then, I decided to do a little 'upgrading'.

The shoulders have recieved extra armour panels, tipped with horns from a chaos marine champion's helmet. The Front plating also received rivets.

At the back, the exhausts were extended, and the roof was topped with a trio of gristly trophies, again, from the chaos marines box set. The model also has a lot more 'shiney bits', namely the power fist and pistons, which were painted with Warplock brone, followd by Sycorax Bronce, Reikland Fleshtone, then a 50/50 Sycorax/Mithril mix to highlight. Black panels were highlighted with Eshin Grey, then Codex Grey.

Alongside this, you may notice that the dread has found itself in the Arctic Circle, and sports a fresh new snow base. Its a pleasant change from all the sand.

 Overall, this new improved recipe for desruction appears (and acts also) more menacing in games, and you should expect more upgrades around here in the future...

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