Thursday, 14 June 2012

Showcase: Bushido Wrath and a Big Announcement (Get Involved!)

Its good to have a change now and again. As a servant of Tzeentch I should know that painting blue all the time is boring and bad for you. Sometimes it's the only colour I see, which is a good indication that I should change hues, tones and shades....

 Therefore, here is some Bushido. It's a game I've thought about getting more involved in (i.e. actually playing) but the emergence of Malifaux at my local gaming scene has changed this, and now I may start this instead. In my confused state, I did buy a blister for Bushido: Orphan of Yurei and Wrath. So with the models sat on my shelf, it seemed fitting to try and paint the wrath, just in case I start Bushido officially.

It was a perfect chance to try out GW's bigger 'purple' selection of paints. After a spray of black, the wrath was base coated in Daemonette Hide. After a wash of Druchii Violet (and a lot of waiting) I Dry-brushed Slaanesh Grey, and dry-brushed then again with 50/50 Slaanesh Grey/White. The claws were started with Vallejo 'earth', and was blended all the way up to Kommando Khaki. The eyes sockets were painted with Liche Purple, and a little white was added on each progressive layer to create the glowing effect.

Also, BIG NEWS. The Rock-Geek Journalist is to be renamed. Something more eye-catching, something sexy...

Come to the Facebook page, and vote on your favourite idea:

 (Votes will be counted on Friday 22nd, unless we need more people. So get sharing, and help decide the future name).

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