Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Showcase: Trazyn The Infinite (99%)

The fallen rise again...slowly. Well, one at a time to be honest.

I've been wanting to have a slight change from Chaos Marines Lately. You may have noticed this with the post relating to Bushido. It's always good for people to have a fresh change now and again, and today, it'll be Necrons.

Wanting to make a start on the army, I thought I'd start small: a HQ choice. I was tempted by Nemesor Zahndrekh. I liked the colour scheme and the pose. But I was also swayed by Trazyn the Infinite: A crazy olf overlord with a tendency to collect alien trinkets. A tough choice, but in the end I went for everyone's favourite collector. But with a twist.

I ended up, as you can see, using a different scheme. I essentially used the scheme for Zahndrekh and applied it to Trazyn. I feel that it looks great, especially considering that white isn't the easiest colour to get right. His Empathetic Obliterator (the pointy staff) and the cloak were fun sections, and gave me a good chance to practice green highlighting. The chipping on the white armour was achieved by dabbing a sponge in Vallejo Charred Brown, wiping off the majority of the paint, then carefully dabbing segments of Trazyn's armour.

He still needs his base doing, and I was thinking of doing something new. I'll be going with a Mars-sand look, with Necron artefacts buried within the red sand. Alongside this, I'll also be working on de-converting some deathmarks (you may recognise them as chaos androids from a previous post).

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