Tuesday, 5 June 2012

WIP: Chaos Chosen, and another Teaser

Every worthwhile villain has his cadre of elite soldiers and bodyguards. Davros had his Daleks, Megatron had Starscream, and Vader had his stormtroopers. In terms of chaos space marines, any self respecting lord of chaos will be protected and supported by either a unit of brutish Terminators, or perhaps a unit of ornate and dignified chosen.

For lord Ahriman, this is my choice. I like the idea of having a unit of regal protectors, and sorcerous support (although they aren't sorcerers in-game). My aim was to make them look like sorcerer apprentices, not quite full blown warp controllers, but certainly people who know a trick or two, and look the part.

The squad's load out is currently 8 men, with three power weapons (the champion has a powerspear) and a combi-plasma, with a mark of tzeentch icon bearer.I might add a heavy weapon of some description, but I am unsure what. I also plan to have all members to have the same helmet design, to tie them in. Cork was used on some to raise their height, and make the bases more interesting. They might take time to finish, I need more parts. Hopefully, I'll find just what I need at a local gaming trade fair at the end of the month.

The favourite thus far has to be the unit champion. The idea came about after buying a hacksaw. An emperor's champion's legs were sacrificed towards the cause, and was joined with a chaos torso and grey knight arms.

Alongside this, I thought I'd show you all a teaser, can you guess what this might be? Leave your ideas in the comments section, or join the Facebook page below to air your thoughts. 


  1. Storm Raven Id recognize those swivel jets anywhere

  2. Looking forward to see a full squad finished.

    1. Should be finished hopefully when I acquire more heads. Should I make it 'sacred number' 9 man unit? If so, would I only need 8 (+ Ahriman to make it 9) or just make 9? :)