Saturday, 14 July 2012

Living With 6th Ed, Part Five: Allies (And My Concept List)

Hopefully, you have been enjoying this week long special on Games Workshop's 6th edition of their popular game, Warhammer 40000. This post is all about allies, and how they'll be included in my Thousand Sons.

So, allies. From general opinions, they are a love-or-hate addition to the rules. Sure, they are open to abuse, with some winning-focused players taking the best units out of the most powerful codexes. Whilst this is true, this frame of mind existed anyway, with players simply spamming their best units. Now, the other, more positive side to this is that you can create more thematic and 'fluff-based' armies, thanks to the widened range of units, and the ever-favourite count-as concept (representing themed models as existing units).

Personally, I'll be using allies to add to my Thousand sons, but mainly for theme reasons. The allies in question will be imperial guard, but used to represent chaos cultists brought by the chaos marines. As shown, they are based of empire flaggelants, with Forgeworld arms. The idea around them is to make them look like occult worshippers, and willing to aid their god's favourite followers. No special units will be used: just basic guardsmen, a primaris psyker (cult leader/sorcerer of interest to Ahriman), and a single leman russ of ancient design.

Keeping in with my theme, here is a conceptual 2000 points armylist I am thinking of using (note, it does include Forgeworld units:
  • HQ-Ahriman
  • Elites-Contemptor Dreadnought (w. extra DCCW)
  • Troops- 3x9 man Thousand Sons units (one Meltabomb unit, all have Doombolt)
  • Fast Attack- Storm Eagle (w. Reaper Autocannon and Lascannons)
  • Heavy Support-Land Raider, Predator (w. Autocannon/Lascannons)
  • Allies-Primaris Psyker, Infantry Platoon (w. bolter and Chimera for command unit, Flamer for unit A, Grenade Launcher for unit B), Leman Russ (w. hull Heavy Bolter)
With allies, my army's natural weakness of low body-count can be helped with units of cheap bolter-shields, useful for distractions and objective taking. The psyker will help with the offence (and is a thematic HQ choice), and the russ is useful versatile fire-support. As well as this, the Storm Eagle will be a useful transport for the Thousand Sons, or as fire-support, using the flyer rules. It'll be nice to give this list a chance in-game, and see how it holds up, and where improvements are needed.

Part six, tomorrow's post, will discuss the new terrain features and battle missions.

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