Friday, 13 July 2012

Living with 6th Ed, Part Four: Tanks, Vehicles and Hull Points

Hello all. If you've been keeping up this week, you'll know that a number of topics have been discussed regarding 6th edition 40k. Today, its onto heavy armour.

Tanks will experience some boosts and flaws in this new edition. Firstly, tanks can now fire everything if they move, albeit not always accurately. For example, in 5th ed, my chaos land raider could only fire one weapon (no machine spirit). Now, it can fire one weapon as normal, and all other weapons as snapshots (hitting on sixes).

Also, there is a new type of vehicle: flyers. These seemed very likely to be included, especially with all the new flyers coming out in recent months. Flyers can fire up to four weapons on the move, meaning my Storm Eagle got more powerful when zooming. However, it's also more dangerous to transport units. If moving as a flyer and it is destroyed, it crashes, and everyone inside takes a STR10 AP2 hit. Nasty, but in ways it makes sense, plane crashes aren't exactly safe.

Now, onto hull points. Hull points are essentially a new statistic for vehicles, bearing slight resemblance to Structure points for super-heavies. Now, when I first saw these, I was worried it'd make my tanks far easier to kill, making my tank heavy army useless due to glance-spamming.

But, to be honest, it isn't a massive game breaker. I found that my land raider died in about the same pace as it normally would. Sure, I lost a lot of hull points from glancing power fists, but it didnt really affect my battle tank. If anything, tanks have got more durable from glances, in that weapons systems and tracks can't be taken off by them.

And for tomorrows post, we'll look at allies and new lists.

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