Thursday, 19 July 2012

WIP: Chaos Cultists (Guard Allies)

Almost every super-villain in any series, comic book or computer game needs minions, man-servants and underlings to boss about and carry out the more menial tasks of villainy, like transporting doom-lasers, or being cannon fodder for more important people within the evil order. So, when it comes to the Chaos Space Marines, an elite foe made up of millennia-old veterans of the dark gods, who is worthy of serving these advanced post-humans?

Us, it seems. In the fiction, Chaos Marines look down upon us humans, and uses us as general fodder and menial workers at best. So, I went about starting a large unit of cultists, to help bulk out number in my small-but-elite army. In-game, they'll serve as objective holders, cannon fodder, and general nuisance for my enemy. Also, in keeping with their theme of expendable scum, they're lightly armed and will have little in the way of support weaponry, bar a flamer here, a grenade launcher there, and a single Leman Russ support tank. Though saying that, it'll be driven by the cult overseers, and their elite (well, elite for cultists).

The base models for these conversions are WHFB Empire Flagellants. The arms are taken from the Forgeworld Chaos Militia arm set and from Death Korps Grennadiers (spares). The squad leader of this unit also has a knife arm from a Dark Eldar Wych.

Paint wise, I'm going to use much plainer colours when compared to the regal blues and yellows of the Thousand Sons. As shown, a light khaki brown will be the main colour, with light grey sections on the front and back. These will also have light blue detailing. Any armour plating will be painted like worn bronze.

 Hopefully, you'll be able to identify their allegiance, but know that they are the under-society amongst the legion, and slaves to their will. 

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