Tuesday, 24 July 2012

WIP: Thousand Sons Raptors And Something Big(er)

We all love shiny new things to play with: something new to work on, something new to experiment with. In my case, it was Maxmini. Having sold my Warriors of Chaos army, for a fairly good sum, I decided to spend a fair bit on adding to my 40k: the only game I seem to play at the moment. With around half of the money, I got a good selection of third party kits, parts, and discounted GW products.

Two of my purchases are the focus today, the discounted box of death company, and some Maxmini 'iron' pattern jet packs.

I love these. They're very reminiscent of the jump-infantry of old, and for me, are more accessible than Forgeworld's (and a bit cheaper). The ones I got were well cast, especially when compared to the Microarts 'iron angel' I got, but at least its workable. And when combined with Thousand Sons parts, and the previously mentioned death company, they make an interesting take on Raptors.

The idea behind these guys was to veer away from the daemonic predatory style of current raptors. I wanted them to look like efficient, focused warriors, made up of recent non-original recruits. The story is that they were originally a loyalist squad, which was killed in battle. Then, the unit's bodies were then 'ressurected' using souls from dead Thousand Sons (it has happened before). The sorcerer in charge then takes a jetpack for himself, and thus leads this rapid attack unit. It'll follow the same scheme as the rest of the army, but the jump-packs will be interesting to paint. I might attempt burn marking and flame source lighting.

Also, I thought I'd show you a little teaser. Think back to my Land Raider Proetus, but 'bigger'...

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