Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Events: The Animosity Narrative Campaign

Gamers who are into their ‘fluff’ love a good story to go along with their games. They enjoy the additional theatrics, often putting their game’s fate in the hands of their tale. For example, their valiant leader throwing everything at the enemy commander, or having a crack team of scouts sneak into enemy lines to take out artillery.

This is where a ‘narrative campaign’ comes in, and specifically, the Animosity Narrative Campaign, a Warhammer 40k event. Regulars of DakkaDakka.com will have no doubt seen the recent advertisements and promotion of the event, which has been backed by UK parts suppliers BitzBox.co.uk.

 Scott Kelly, a 32 year old Lincoln gamer, is responsible for setting up the campaign. Scott said the aim of this event: “is to create a regular gaming event which people from around the UK can attend”.
“It also offered the opportunity to play 40k with new opponents with a wide variety of 40k armies in play, something which cannot always be achieved within a regular social gaming circle”.

The campaign is somewhat different to your regular competition. Scott added: “Whilst attending tournaments, like the 40k Doubles at Warhammer World, offers such variety I have often found that competitive play is not as much fun as narrative games”. This is music to the ears of casual players who enjoy a themed army over a power build.

Scott said that this is the first time the Animosity Narrative Campaign has ever been held, and he is hoping for a good turnout. Scott said: “In the early process of planning I had anticipated 20 players would attend, with four months left we have surpassed those numbers. Currently 25 people are listed for attendance and more are lurking in the shadows waiting for the nod from wives and girlfriends”. From this, anyone else attending can expect a good sized event. He also wanted to thank Bitz Box for supporting the event. While you are all at it, check them out, it's a great place to get parts from.

 When asked about the theme/storyline of the campaign, he said: “The Inquisition have located a valuable artefact. The agents dispatched by Inquisitor Pengadilan have come under attack in the Discordia System, a waypoint previously isolated by warp storms since the era of the Heresy. Pengadilan himself has arranged a number of Imperium Task Forces to make for the system and retrieve the artefact from the clutches of traitors and xenos forces”.

As well as this, the campaign pack (which can be downloaded here, at the end of the first post) details how other forces are included in the storyline, as well as full details of the event.

To get a place in the campaign, tickets for the event costing £20 can be bought from Malestrom games. Tickets have been made temporarily unavailable, due to unforeseen circumstances, but will be available from October. You can also email Scott  (venerabledread@hotmail.co.uk), or join this Dakka Thread. The event takes place on Saturday 15th December and Sunday 16th December, at Malestrom Games, Mansfield, UK.