Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kit Review: GW's Daemons (Plaguebearers and Flamers)

It's time to don your force swords, gather protective wards, or prepare the summoning circle, new Chaos Daemons have arrived. Game Workshop released the new daemon kits this weekend, and a number of deviant types (i.e. chaos players) have been grabbing up the kits. I have too, and I'll be reviewing two of these new kits: The plastic Flamers, and plastic Plaguebearers.

First off, the new Flamers. These tubular fire-frenzied daemonic entities bear a number of similarities to the old resin/metal ones. Same tube shape, long thin arms ending in fiery mouths, and lots of little mouths and tentacles covering the surface. The box set comes with enough parts to make three (like the old one) but it comes with additional options, including those for a unit champion. At first glance, you can't really tell what is meant to be the champion, but it's the one with extra fieriness.

 Parts are laid out on two sprues (everything is on two sprues these days...) and the box includes both 25mm circle and 25mm square bases, for all needs. The box set retails at £12.50, which is around £3 cheaper than the old ones: an unusual concept when it comes to GW...

The level of detail on the new Flamers is outstanding. Needle thin teeth line the multiple mouths, and small pockets of flame errupt across the model's surface. I can safely say this kind of crispness would have been impossible ten years ago, and its noticable when comared to the originals, which have much bigger, thicker teeth. The models are on the 'big infantry' side of things, as shown by Derek, the scale-Raptor.

There is one thing to note with the Flamers: the little tentacles that come with the kit are very fragile, and can snap when being cut from the sprue. Take extra care with those.

 Next, its the Plaguebearers. These are the last 'big four' troop daemons to get a plastic kit, with nurgle fans having to make do with dated metal models in days previous to their release. This box is also cheaper, at £18 for ten daemons, and also comes with both square and circle bases.

This, as you can imagine, is much better than buying multiple blister packs of the old metal ones. The new models feel and look slightly on the smaller side, but GW certainly hasn't skipped the details. They've taken on a more 'classic look', taking references from much older versions.

One thing I do hate about the kit. the heads. Well, not the heads specifically, theyre lovely sculpts, but more the way the connect. They connect onto a little stubby neck, but when glued, you find a noticeable gap running all away around the base of the neck. You will need greenstuff to plug this gap. the arms aren't too bad, but a little liquid greenstuff won't hurt.

What I like about the kit is that the models very easy to customise. All the parts are interchangeable with one another (apart from torsos), and many extras are included, such as death's heads and nurglings. Having looked and found seven of the little minions, I feel that you could get at least one or two nurgling bases out of the kit (with some spare 40mm bases) which is a plus.

As you know, I'm a Thousand Sons player, and thus I don't have much use for plaguebearers. But the attached dark magos I'm working on can and does. Therefore, I intend to create a set of 'plague-servitors': mecha-daemonic entities which, once finished 'altering' the host servitor, serve the magos' will.

Both of these kits are great additions to daemon players, and both have had improvements made, which put them above the predecessor kits.

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