Saturday, 11 August 2012

Product Highlight: Division RPG (With Developer Chris Martin)

Board games, role playing games, and well, games in general, are bountiful and plentiful. This makes it harder for new upstart companies to make their name in the business. Their products have to be innovative, fun, and most importantly, good, for anyone to take notice. That, and strong connections with the media. 

Chris Martin, a 32 year old graphic designer from Bullhead City, Arizona, had developed the ‘Act Ten Roleplaying Network’.  When asked “what is the network?” Chris said: “The Act Ten Role Playing Network is a lot of things. First and foremost it is a set of table top role playing rules (the Act Ten system) that you can access for free”.

“When you create your free account, you gain access to a ton of extra features like the setting and expanded content, articles from the developer, and most importantly access to the social network”.

The key role playing game on Act Ten is Division: a futuristic fantasy world “that blends elements of cyberpunk with our mystic past”. Chris went on to discuss the storyline in more detail, saying:  “As corporations took over the seats of power in the world, three stood over the rest. With personal liberties gone and the human race traded as a commodity, This eventually gave rise to rebel factions trying to take back our future. In the midst of all this, the corporations have been experimenting on us (players) with cranial implants that pump a chemical compound into our brains, leaving a small portion of the population susceptible to possession by a race we only know now as digital beings”.

Not many RPG’s I’ve played contained a cyberpunk bio-chemically induced society with techno-spirits roaming around, so Division is unique right off the bat.

Chris has been working on the project since the early nineties, developing a strong rule set based off the D10 system. The website is a recent addition to this decade long project, a feature which Chris hopes will: “give you the power to bring people together for targeted and specific topics, create private forums with dice functionality and create document entries for everything from top ten lists to keeping track of your own table top game”. An all-encompassing system, in which everything you need is in one easy to navigate location.

It’s very simple for you to get involved and set up Division games in your groups. Chris has said “My intention is to keep this as free as possible for as long as possible so everyone can enjoy it”. You can sign up on the website for free ( with access to all content, including a specific social network, and enjoy the fantastic setting and well tested rules with your gaming friends.

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