Tuesday, 21 August 2012

WIP: Chaos Sorcerer (In Terminator Armour)

A general or leader in Warhammer 40,00 tend to be an extravagant, ostentatious figure. One whom is bedecked in medals, fancy capes, trophies and general 'bling'. Some prefer to have a more utilitarian and practical leader, but most like to spend a little extra time on creating a very detailed and eye-pleasing lead figure.

This is where my new sorcerer comes in. Those who have been watching the Facebook Page will have already had sneak previews (one good reason to join the page). Game-wise, he's a Chaos Sorcerer, who is armed with a force stave, twin-linked bolter, terminator armour and the mark of Tzeentch. I chose the stave for its +2 Strength and concussion rule. This will be extra fun if I roll 'firey form' for his power, which will add another +2 to the sorcerer's strength. I imagine running around with a STR 8 sorcerer will frighten many walkers or characters. The only downside is AP 4, but that shouldn't affect me too much if most of my attacks will wound.

The model is based on a Hightech Miniatures Fallen Lord Xavier. I wasn't a fan of the scenic base, so I swaped it for a generic 40mm one. I can always use the base as the start of an objective or relic I suppose. The arms are normal Grey Knight Terminator arms, with Maxmini 'pre-heresy' pads. The top of the force weapon is from this metal Chaos Sorcerer.

The existing wings didn't suit my tastes. Although a terminator cannot have wings in-game, I thought that they'd still look cool. I could always cay they're just for show, or are there to help with deepstriking. They were taken from an 'Iron Brotherhood' figure from Micro Art Studio.

Paint-wise, I am at the detailing stage. The cloak will be getting much more freehand, as might the shoulder plates. The face also needs its highlighting colours. I hope to have the model complete within the next few weeks.

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