Thursday, 30 August 2012

WIP: Gaming Table 2.0 (Part Three)

There is more progress to report on the gaming table in today's posting.

The hills have started to receive a sand coating. this will make them more realistic, as opposed to painted foam circles. A mix of fine and course sand and rocks was used to break up the terrain and add realism. Paint and tufts of grass will be added to them later. the un-sanded sections will be painted grey or brown, to represent rocky outcrops.

This particular hill was going to be a Deff Dred wreck (shown below). But the problem was that the dred was too heavy for PVA to hold it down. any other glue will melt the foam. The new plan is to glue the Deff Dred to a piece of plasticard, then glue foam around the wreck.

Spare parts from the Bassilica have been used to upgrade the plasticard building. I used flooring and balcony parts to create a small roof, big enough for one or two 25mm based guy to stand on.

This was found on my visit home. This is a dilapidated Imperial statue of a fallen hero I made some time ago. It is made from the Baneblade tank commander and Cities of Death parts. I think this will look great on the board, and all it will need is a re-paint.

The next stage of terrain is to finish sanding it, paint it, and hopefully get some more usable buildings bought and made.

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