Thursday, 9 August 2012

WIP: Modified Basilsk (Custom Pattern)

It's an interesting experience to renovate a project. You get a strong urge to improve on what you thought at the time was a great job, and you feel satisfied that a once great piece can again be so. Using new techniques and parts. you aim to help improve older models, especially if they are on the dated side. A number of old models, going as far back as Rogue Trader, have been brought into the 40k of the 21st century through clever use of parts and conversions.

Today, I'm showing you this: an Imperial Guard Basilisk. I've had it for a number of years, and it's use has been wavering. But after reclaiming it from my parent's house, I noticed how dated the kit looks. As well as this, the hand rails at the back have always been a constant nightmare, always breaking off. I vowed to change this, and update the look of the model.

The chopped down sides had been done before the renovation, after seeing somebody do this before. To help with the chopped down sides, the gun shield's shape has been cut-down and altered. Additional armour plates have been place on the front. The overall look gives a sleeker, improved design to the SPG.

The cannon has also changed. The old cannon looks a bit too....plain. Just a tube poking out of another. I decided to use the cannon from a Forgeworld Ryza pattern Vanquisher turret. I was planning to change the turret's gun anyway, so this cannon got reused. I like the new muzzle break/flash suppressor on the end of the cannon, and it adds a nice modern touch, and a hint of detail.

Alongside the cannon, the crew-end of the cannon has had work done. The hand rails have been cut off, and replaced with armoured 'fencing'. Rivets and further bracing still needs to be added.

After this, I think I'll continue adding further armour, to the front and sides.Also the crew will be done. The idea behind them is that one is a slave, captured and forced to crew the artillery piece, with a Space Marine there offering 'boltgun encouragement'.

Stay tuned, and I hope to let you know more about this project in the future.

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