Thursday, 16 August 2012

WIP: New Chaos Daemons Kits (Flamers and Plaguebearers)

You may remember from a few posts back that I reviewed some of the new Chaos Daemons box sets. For those with short term memory loss, or those lobotomised by the Inquisition for heresy, it's this post. Today, I'll show you the route I've gone down with them in terms of modelling and painting.

The Flamers, as you can see, were left stock. I felt they were intricate enough, and that they didn't really need any modification to suit my purposes.

I've gone with a paint scheme similar to the ones shown on the back of the box, starting with purple, and working its way through to bllue, then to white. The ethereal flames were very very simple. White paint, a Beil-tan Green wash twice over, with white to highlight. Yes, that simple, and they make a great contrast with the other colours used. The bright Temple Guard Blue really works well on these models. It helps emphasise their daemonic essence, and tzeentch's fondless of multi-coloured shiny things.

The Plaguebearers were not left stock. As you may recall, I mentioned that I would convert them into what I now dub 'Plague-itors', mecha daemonic entities which serve my Dark Magos' will. I've only built six of them thus far, because I want each one to have its own uniqueness.

The conversions used Maxmini bionics, GW spares, as well as come custom make limbs, such as bionic legs. Each one has their own unique image, which is helped by the wide range of parts used, including an Arco Flaggelant's arm, chainswords, backpack vents and plasma cannon power units.

 Only the Multi-melta carrier has paint on it, and it is acting as a testbed, mainly because nurgle is fairly unknown to me. So far, I'm liking it, but I'll be thinking carefully about where to go with it next. The skin colour is mainly Ogryn Camo, with various brown, black and green washes to help tone down the colour and add depth.

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