Tuesday, 28 August 2012

WIP: The Scrapheap Lineup

After months or years in storage, models can get a bit beaten up, forgotten and unfinished, left to gather dust in the darkness. When we finally get around to the models, we have an urge to do something about these unsung projects.

After a visit to my parents, I managed to come home with a carry case of tanks, some were finished projects, such as this Land Raider. Most we're half completed or abandoned. Finding myself short of funding, I thought It'd be great to work on these models until the bank of chaos gives me my student loan. I'll be showing off these models, and giving ideas about their fate.

Destroyer Tank Hunter

This little beauty was going to be the centrepiece of my renegade guardsmen army. however, with the introduction of allies, combined with the fact that destroyers aren't the best unit, it quickly became overshadowed by a Leman Russ.

However, my intentions are to revert it back to being a Leman Russ, so I can run a squad of two. I'm not sure about armaments, but I feel that it'll be either an Eradicator or a basic variant.


This battered old thing was given to me for free, and for a good reason. The paint was caked on, and some parts were melted by glue staining. Most of this was scraped off in the refurb, but since it was at one point, an Ork tank,  this didn't matter too much. Then I realised I didn't have enough Rhinos for my Thousand Sons. It had received an extra armour upgrade to cover the worst damage, but today, it looks a bit basic. the tracks were also covered over with new custom ones, and the doors were replaced.

 It think these can stay, with some dirt build-up on probably. This will probably remain a rhino, but with better extra armour and more details.

Paint Pot Deff Dread 

I build this deff dread years ago, and based it off one of the old GW paint pots. I almost had it completed, but then I sold my Ork army, and it was thrown ungracefully into the drawer. I did have a good idea for it very recently whilst holding it sideways: Cover.

 I thought that it would make a great rusty wreck to use as cover on my 40k Gaming table. It'll be painted silver, and given a heavy dusting of rust and dust pigments, making it look like a centuries old husk. some patches of the original scheme will remain.


This combat monster has been 'in progress' for a long time. I have never been able to think up a decent combat weapon for the other socket on its torso. The painting is almost complete on it, so it's only fair to make an attempt to complete it.

Also, I leave you with this riddle, join the Facebook page to help decipher it:

"I am larger thank your common war machines, but am one of the smallest of my kind, what am I?" 

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