Thursday, 20 September 2012

10,000 Views: A Big Thanks And The Future


This message serves as a tank you to those who have liked, shared, viewed and discussed the content of this blog, and to those so constantly do so. It was a personal aim to reach this target in a year, and we've hit it a month early.

So, what's the next step? Well, it would be insanely difficult to get the viewing figures of fashion bloggers, news sites or YouTube in a heartbeat, but I certainly want to go up from the current rate. Hopefully, you shall also see some improvements to the blog here and there. I'll try to include more articles for any musicly inclined followers, and of course make a continued commitment to clear, professional and well written content, with shiny images too.

again, thanks, and glad you chose Power Armoured Metal as your tri-weekly wargaming (and music) blog


  1. Love everything so far, great looking army in that picture btw.

  2. Thanks :) That pic shows everything that's either finished or nearly there (excluding allies). More to some in time :D (Power Armoured Metal)