Saturday, 1 September 2012

40k Philosophy: Tidying The Workspace: Organisation for the Modern Modeller

 It was once quoted that "a busy workspace is the sign of a busy mind", and this is true. As you can see, my workspace is rather messy, and I have a constant stream of ideas running around both in my mind and in real-space. But it does get annoying when I try to find something I need, or when I need space. So, in order to help all you messy types out there, here's a few tips I've used to help organise and categorise my workspace.

Parts Clearance and Trays

A great way to clear up is to sort out your spare parts and models. Speaking from experience, you are very unlikely to need every spare part you own. It's a good idea to have a clearout every now and again. go through every part and ask yourself: "Do I really need this?". If so, put it in an empty box for now, if not, the bin, or give them to someone who wants them.

After that, get some trays. You can fins them pretty much anywhere, and these particular ones cost me £1 each. You usually get three trays with the big ones, and four with the smaller set. These are great for parts from infantry, large infantry, cavalry and tank models. As long as the piece isnt as big as the tray that is. A good way to sort parts is by type. I've sorted mine into 'heads', 'arms and armour', 'weapons' and 'tank parts and big bits'. The smaller set uses the same system, but for Forgeworld, Maxmini and other 'special spares'. Instead of sorting by type, you could easily sort by size, material or faction.

Model Storage

Whilst people do like to show off their work, in most cases, there simply isn't enough house space to show them all. Using a carry case is a great and simple way to store projects. Even desk drawers can host your in progress collections. You could possibly organise you current projects in a line, so you can systematically go through them left to right (or right to left, your choice).


Sorting paints can be make fairly straightforward. Any form of toolbox or box will work for holding your paints and tools. Be careful when moving them though. It would be bad for you paints to explode into a gooey mess at the bottom. Storing them all upright and keeping the box the same way up should prevent this. Look for toolboxes with extra storage space in the lid; this is a great place for brushes, knifes and hand drills.

Listing Projects

Another possible idea the concept of a 'project list'. Write on some paper every project you're working on (or intend to). stick it up on your wall above your desk. You can use coloured sticky-notes to document your progress (for example, red=yet to start, yellow= modelling stage, blue=painting stage, pink=final details, green=done). its possibly an OCD concept, but its a nice efficient way of keeping up with where you are with everything.

Now that everything has been correctly sorted, its time to delve into my work, and over time, return it to its previous state.


  1. Like the way you work. I should get a whiteboard to log my projects so I can keep better track of what I need to get on with and what will help me better figth off the hobby/painting burn.

  2. Nice organization. I keep all my project organized in my brain and on a goggle docs spreadsheet. Which might explain why I never get anything done. :\