Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Product Review: Gale Force Nine Chains (Regular and Snake)

Often modellers will look elsewhere for materials, since the parts that are available anywhere just won’t cut it. Sometimes you will need to make something entirely from scratch, be it a weapon, an arm, or a whole model. Today, I’ll be reviewing two items which will be invaluable to the custom modeller, from Gale Force Nine’s ‘chain’ selection.

 One thing you will need, for both products, is a decent pair of clippers. Gale Force Nine’s chains are made from metal, so you’ll need some suitable cutting tools.

First off is the modeller’s favourite, regular chain-link chain. Gale Force Nine's Iron chain (1.5mm) is sold for £3.50 (GBP), and for that you get a plentiful two metres on a convenient bobbin type thing. In the scale we work at, this should be more than enough for a number of different projects.
Each link in this chain is individual, and this is both good and bad; it gives you infinite customisability, but is a pain to set in place. I’ve found that a dab of superglue, followed by a quick sharp breath, is enough to force the glue into crevices and set the chain in place. The power of gravity is also useful in positioning it. This chain is suitable for infantry sized models and above, generally in the 28mm scale. Probably not ideal for Warhammer: Epic then…

Next up, it’s the aptly named ‘snake chain’. This chain, also in two metre bobbin form, is a great representation for segmented cabling, hoses and pipework. Personally, this 1.5mm thick variant is easier to work with than the chain, as the segments only have a limited amount of flex before they begin to break and deform.  Again, super glue is enough to lock the chain in place.

This chain feels particularly strong when set in place, and it’s unlikely to snap anywhere along its length, except where it connects to the model. Drilling a hole in the model and feeding some chain through it should help this stuff stay fixed.

I for one have gone mad with the stuff, and have used it to begin creating my own custom Hellsmith, in preparation for Codex: Chaos Space marines, which lands on the 6th October. Tipped with various daemonic appendages and tools, they make great mechandrites and mecha-daemon limbs.

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